Using Conversation Triggers For Better Content


To make a positive difference in an ever-growing content space, it’s essential to have different and engaging conversations on our podcasts.  After all, it’s the experience of the being part of these discussions on the show that will draw the listener’s attention.  In this episode, I will be sharing proven conversation triggers that have worked for professional podcasters, producers and myself. 

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  • 00:17 - Conversation Triggers.

  • 01:09 - About The Podcast Planner.

  • 01:45 - Openers.

  • 02:23 - Storytellers.

  • 03:07 - Dig Deeper.

  • 03:59 - Use these Conversations Triggers.

  • 05:08 - Next episode teaser.

  • 05:15 - Fun facts you can’t skip!

Types of Conversation Triggers

  • Openers.

  • Storytellers.

  • Digging Deeper.

*Listen to the episode for complete details for when to use these Conversation Triggers on your podcast.

Resources Mentioned

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