Using Conversation Triggers For Better Content

To make a positive difference in an ever-growing content space, it’s essential to have different and engaging conversations on our podcasts.  After all, it’s the experience of the being part of these discussions on the show that will draw the listener’s attention.  In this episode, I will be sharing proven conversation triggers that have worked for professional podcasters, producers and myself. 

How a Podcast Compass Is Super Helpful

When you've made the decision to start a podcast, a lot of the advice that you'll get is "just start!”  There's some truth to that, but if you just take a moment to first think of your listener and the content that you’ll be creating, it will save you a lot of growing pains.  Even if you've been podcasting for a while, creating a Podcast Compass will be super helpful.

How To Record Your Podcast: Podcasting 101

While listening to a TED Talk, the speaker, Shonda Rhimes, shared something that I feel connects well with our focus on podcasting happiness...her “hum.” And no, I'm not referring to the little annoying floor noise we sometimes get in our audio recording...

I feel that what she is describing is exactly what podcasting happiness is all about, getting in our zone and keeping our hum alive. In this episode, I'll be sharing 3 ways to help you with recording your podcast, for "hum" sake.