Turn Your Podcast Idea Into Full Episodes

Having an idea for a podcast show is exciting. Turning that idea into episodes can be an overwhelming task…

even when you've been podcasting for a while, the content bank can run low…

...until you’ve taken this course! 

Here’s what happens when taking this course…


This course goes along with the Content Composer, Podcast Planner Calendars and Episode Composer sections of The Podcast Planner.

🤓Unpack What You Already Know

Some of the best content is already in your hands, you just need to unpack it. We start the course off with a brainstorming session and use it to fuel content creativity.  

🔎Deliver Content Your Audience Is Craving

Discover how to research the content your audience is craving for! They’ll be saying things like “I feel like you know me” in no time.

🤩Captivate The Listener

Use a content structure that captivates the listener and has them waiting for the next episode. 

☮️Podcasting Happiness

Make podcasting fit smoothly into your busy lifestyle with exclusive bonus materials!

Ready to turn that idea into episodes? Let’s jump to it!

📦What’s included:

  • 13 video lessons in HD.

  • Over 1.5 hours of training

  • Exclusive course materials & resources

  • Streaming access from anywhere and on any device

  • Direct communication with Addy Saucedo

🏷Price - 2 Options:


FREE! - This course is 100% complimentary with a physical Podcast Planner purchase.  Simply put, when you buy the planner, the course comes with it!  All you need to do is submit proof of purchase to support@thepodcastplanner.com for your unique access code to the course.



$39.99 - Course ONLY - For podcasters who only want the course and NOT the planner.


Important Note: 

If you would like the planner & course bundle, you MUST purchase The Podcast Planner first.  We can not add The Podcast Planner to the Course Only option once the purchase has been made. Please select which is best for you.