Vocal Triggers with The Shan Man

Our voice is the most important podcasting tool that we have and yet, it’s power and health is overlooked.  In this episode, I invite The Shan Man to discuss vocal triggers - how we use our voice to share our message, capture the attention of our audience and how to take care of it! 

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  • 00:17 - Vocal Triggers.

  • 00:40 - About The Podcast Planner.

  • 01:16 - The Shan Man!

  • 02:05 - How to hook the attention of your listener.

  • 12:11 - How to take care of your number one podcasting tool.

  • 18:38 - What Shannon is excited about.

  • 20:40 - Extra vocal triggers.

  • 21:17 - Extra tips for taking care of your voice.

  • 23:16 - Fun facts you can’t skip!

Connect with The Shan Man - Shannon Hernandez

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