Adding Structure To Your Podcast


Gone are the days of hitting record, saying whatever comes to mind, and hoping that our podcast gets discovered. To gain an audience, we need to support our content with structure. Despite the false belief of restraining creativity, having content structure is what will captivate the attention of your audience and builds for a strong-lasting show.

Hit play to now to discover how you can add structure to your podcast by following easy-to-implement tips.

EPIsode chapters

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  • 00:05 - Origin story of this episode.

  • 00:49 - Grab 2 templates from The Podcast Planner.

  • 01:10 - The element behind media.

  • 02:15 - Structure supporting creativity.

  • 03:01 - How our brain reacts to structure.

  • 03:47 - Adding structure to your podcast.

  • 04:29 - What makes a podcast listeners special.

  • 07:44 - Driving the attention of your listeners.

  • 09:31 - Have your listeners waiting for more.

  • 12:09 - Fun facts you can’t skip!


Resources Mentioned

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