Creating Content: From Confused to Confident


What value does our recording gear have if we let our fear or anxiety prevent us from sharing our message with the world?   You’ll have to listen to the episode to discover a method that makes it easy to organize and record our message effectively.  This method takes creating content from confused to confident!

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  • 00:13 - The fear and anxiety of recording a podcast.

  • 01:55 - Inside scoop on the Podcast Planner.

  • 02:31 - Why creating content is not the issue.

  • 04:03 - 2nd method for creating content.

  • 05:00 - 3rd method for creating content.

  • 05:41 - Resources to help with creating content.

  • 06:21 - Enhancing this method for great content creation.

  • 06:54 - Next episode teaser!

  • 07:04 - Don’t miss this message.

Organizing The Content

An interesting observation about creating content is that content is hardly the issue.  We naturally hold a lot of content through our ideas, experiences, and emotions.  The true issue is organizing the content.

The first step in organizing our content is by following a simple command:

Tell your listener what you’re going to tell them.

This may sound familiar, because we covered it in our 4-question pre-recording exercise, back in episode 12.

This tell-command demands us to get clear on what our message is going to be.  The introduction should be a short and sweet summary that makes the listener think to themself, â€śI want to know more!”

You can easily use this method for your interview:

  • Introduce who you’re about to interview…

  • Why you’re excited to have them…

  • The main topic of discussion…

  • And any other important topics you’re going to highlight with your interviewee.

Tell Them

Creating your content is similar to making a sandwich.  You start with a slice of bread, in this case, you have the intro.  Now it’s time to add your protein, condiments and whatever else you need to have on your sandwich.

This is the body of the content and sticking to the method, this body of content is coined as “Tell Them.”

This is where you dive into the main topic by discussing supporting points.  Sharing more of your personal experience, curiosity, interview, and story.

For interviews, this simply changes into questions that will direct the conversation into topics you really want to cover.  I suggest having 3 main questions.

So far we have:

Tell Them What You’re Going To Tell Them, Tell Them…

What do you think is next?

Tell Them What You Told Them

This part slightly echoes the introduction.  The difference is that you’re concluding your final thoughts about the topic or interview. 

A great way to influence your audience is by provoking a final thought.  Movies and television shows are perfect at this.  It’s called the reflective moment.  A perfect way to conclude or in our podcasting case, it makes a perfect outro. 

The Complete Method

So there you have the COMPLETE 3 step method for creating content…

Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you told them.

Now, I didn’t come up with this.  A wise old-time-y guy named Aristotle did.  If you’re interested in learning more about content delivery, 3 things:

  1. Stay subscribed to this podcast

  2. Grab a copy of Stand and Deliver by Dale Carnegie. He goes into Aristotle’s method in a very easy way.

  3. The Podcast Planner! The recording templates inside The Podcast Planner were designed with this method mind. The difference is that I’ve made it podcasting specific and modernized it with today’s ways of communicating your message effectively with your audience.

Last Words On This Format

Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you told them.

This format is not about repeating yourself.  If done right, your listener will never think you were on repeating anything.

Also, mix up the intro.  Instead of the “Here’s what my topic is and supporting points,” start off with a story, a question, something to always capture the attention of your listener.

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