Consistency - How to Prevent Podfading NOW!

I can finally say it, CONGRATULATIONS! 

Doesn’t it feel good to get all this planning, recording, publishing, and audience engagement all figured out?

If this is your first listen to The Podcast Planner show, you’re probably confused. Don’t worry, just go back to the previous episodes, starting with episode 1 to get started.

Ok, now back to congratulating you...

What's important to remember at this stage of podcasting is to keep the momentum going to prevent Podfading.

What is podfading?

Podfading is when you start to publish episodes out of a schedule that leads to an abrupt stop to a show. One week is missed, then another, then eventually this leads to a complete podfade.

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  • 00:13 - A celebratory message.

  • 00:37 - Podfading explained.

  • 01:06 - How quality and success happens for a podcaster.

  • 01:21 - Get 2 podcasting templates for free.

  • 01:50 - Podcasting momentum created by design.

  • 02:23 - Being proactive vs reactive with your podcast.

  • 03:42 - Why podcasts are an intimate medium.

  • 03:51 - Permission to take a break.

  • 04:13 - Gifts from consistency.

  • 04:37 - How to gain a captivated audience.

  • 05:10 - A special invitation.

  • 06:05 - A cool feature you or may not know about.

  • 06:30 - Next series tease!

  • 07:01 - Cool and helpful facts.

The more you plan, record, publish and engage with your audience, all you’ll want to do is share your voice with the world!

I’m always told that what a podcaster wants is quality and success with their podcast. Consistency plays a huge part in making that happen. This episode is about consistency, not just for you, but for your listener.

Gaining momentum happens by designing consistency into your podcasting workflow. This is why scheduling time blocks for all stages come in handy.

Most podcasters who are experiencing burnout or podfade, are podcasting by reacting to everything they have to do when it comes to their podcast.

The question then is, do you want to be reactive or proactive with your podcasting mission?

My intuition is that you want to be proactive, otherwise you won't be here. There is this great article that I found from Proactive Mindfulness on the topic of Proactive vs. Reactive.

As you read the article I recommend that you replace the word “life” with “podcasting” for the full effect.

The three points from the article related to podcasting:

  1. This is planning stage - get planning for your podcast.

  2. Podcasting is a very intimate medium because of our voices and our personality. It takes a genuine energy.

  3. If you need a break from podcasting, take it! You set your own rules.

Consistency comes with gifts:

  • Excitement to record

  • Easily overcome fear

  • Confidence - eliminating perfection and imposter syndrome

  • A captivated audience

  • And Happiness!

This only scratches the surface, the possibilities are endless. You just need to keep sharing your voice.

I want to go back to an important point I just mentioned, the CAPTIVATED audience. Your audience will continue to show up and grow if you continue to show up.

When consistency is all whacked out, this will result in a whacked out audience. 😄

This is why I consider consistency as the glue, the foundation of our podcast. If this is an area you can’t seem to get a hold on, let me know by contacting me.

Now about the next series…

Have you ever felt that you lost the purpose, mission, and goals for your podcast? Or maybe you just need a podcast one-sheet that you can easily turn to for your podcast’s information?

In the next series, I’ll be giving you a Podcast Compass by discussing and working through some of the main elements of your podcast such as the name, description, topics and all the way through to creating your ideal listener and podcasting goals. For hobby or business podcasters.

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