Addy Saucedo

Creator ● Speaker ● MENTor

Creating value through information and a mission for a particular audience is her jam, her specialty.

Basically, she helps you share your voice with the world, using podcasting and your online channels so that your current and potential social-following flock to you with excitement, passion, and business.

History & Mission

After being in the Space manufacturing industry for 5 years, Addy couldn’t refuse her true calling - audio and talk radio. Throughout her years in audio engineering school, observing the low rate at which women were hired, she began to explore options that had a low barrier to entry - podcasting. In 2012, Addy launched her first podcast and began her podcasting journey through the RSS waves and podcasting community.

Fast forward - over seven years of hosting her own podcasts, plus producing and managing over twenty podcasts for others, Addy witnessed podfading many times.  This personal and client experience got her thinking of solutions, which then led to designing templates to help herself and her clients stay organized and motivated.

She soon realized that a planner based on her system would benefit the many passionate, mission-driven podcasters.  The idea of launching The Podcast Planner was born.

Podcasting is much more than just recording, editing, and marketing. It’s more than just download statistics, ratings and reviews.  Podcasts impact the lives of others in amazing ways, which is why consistent valuable content is important. Addy's goal with The Podcast Planner is that you share your message with the world with quality content and sound. 

In the summer of 2018, Addy joined the Simplecast team. Simplecast makes it easy for audio creators to publish, manage, collect analytics, and distribute their audio on the internet.

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