Mike Murphy Unplugged

"The Podcast Planner makes it really easy for podcasters of all levels to stay organized and consistent and focus on creating quality shows!  Great product and I give it a big thumbs up!"

🎙 Mike Murphy, Mike Murphy Unplugged

Ben Franklin's World with Liz Covart

"The Podcast Planner is a great tool for new and seasoned podcasters alike.  It helps you plan everything from an editorial calendar to individual episodes.  It even includes plenty of space to jot your ideas for new content.  My favorite feature is the episode checklist and planner, which helps map out episodes and ensures that nothing gets forgotten before the episode posts."

🎙 Liz Covart, Ben Franklin's World

T with Monroe

"My podcast planner gives me and my podcast life!  The worksheets, templates, and calendar all work in tandum to help me create each podcast episode & track its success!  I turned out to be everything I needed & more!"

🎙 Monroe Bishop, Twithmonroe


Vegetarian Zen with Vickie Velasquez & Larissa Galenes

"An indispensable tool for content planning, recording, editing, and publishing, The Podcast Planner will help you avoid the "what's my next topic?" dilemma, will keep your recording and editing processes tight, and will allow you to reflect on and fine-tune your podcast.

Our podcast is weekly, and after 4 years, coming up with topics can be a challenge - the Content Builder feature makes this easier. The episode checklist is great for ensuring that each episode you publish is complete."

🎙 Vickie Velasquez & Larissa Galenes, Vegetarian Zen

Fieldnotes and Curiosities with Beth Sharp

"The Podcast Planner is an awesome resource/tool! Addy has put it all together in an easy to use set of templates; plus her brainstorming technique is spot on. I highly recommend it to anyone and especially to folks getting ready to launch their first podcast."

🎙 Beth Sharp, Fieldnotes and Curiosities