Whether your mission is to educate, entertain or inspire, this planner has been designed to help you, the podcaster, stay focused with delivering what you already know, episode by episode.

Better yet, it will fuel you with consistency. Consistency is an element that great podcasters attribute their success to. It's also a core element in letting your audience know, like and trust you. Here is more of what The Podcast Planner® has for you:



  • Podcast Compass - a guide on the goals you intend for your podcast.
  • Podcast Launch Checklist
  • Content builder - a brainstorming exercise to help you create future episode topics, segments and more.
  • Content Spinner - share your message in fun different ways.
  • Conversation triggers - to help get the best out of interviews.
  • Podcast calendar templates - undated, 1 year overview and 6 separate months.
  • Note taking pages - for podcasting ideas, brainstorming and other important info.
  • Inspiring podcasting-related quotes
  • Focus/reflective worksheets for each episode - before and after recording
  • Note taking pages - for podcasting ideas, brainstorming and other important info.


  • Introduction to the episode composer type
  • Pulse Check - pre-recording focus exercise
  • Episode Composer - the recording template
  • Episode Checklist - start to finish podcasting task checklist with note section
  • Episode Review - post-recording & publishing reflective exercise

All-In-One edition includes the following sets: 

  • 10 solo-hosted
  • 10 interviewing
  • 5 storytelling
  • 5 sets of an all-encompassing recording templates (named 'Total Composer')

Interview Edition Includes:

  • 30 interviewing sets.

Regular Episode Edition Includes:

  • 30 regular episode sets.


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